Facebook Adds Metrics to Pages

While social media marketing seems to be a great way to reach people, Facebook has never really offered that much insight into how your posts and other interactions perform. So, you really had no idea how many people were seeing your posts, making it hard to determine when to post, how often to post and what types of posts work well.

Based on research published by Facebook earlier this year, brand page posts are only seen by about 16% of the page's fans, but this doesn't help you or your page significantly. Now, Facebook is beginning to roll out analytics specifi to your page that let you know what portion of your fans see your posts. This information is valuabble to help you determine when to post and what types of content are viewed the most.

Now that this information is out there, do you, as a small business owner, have time to look at this stuff and do something about it? If not, let us know and we can help you with all of your interactive marketing needs.

Client Testimonial

Working with 2JS Interactive was an absolute pleasure. They listen well, truly seek to understand, execute diligently, and produce a most professional final product. Thank you to the 2JS team for a job well done!

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