Get over yourself

It's a common routine. You log in to facebook or to twitter land and your newfeed is littered with posts like this from a friend, "OMG, not a good start to my day. Don't these people know it's my birthday!" Or, a business page post streams up saying, "We're having a huge sale. Come to our store today!" Everyone begging for attention or shining the light on what they have to offer.

But there's a problem here. Not as many people care about you as you might think (or hope). I know it sounds harsh, but think about it. How many people that follow you actually care that you are running to the grocery store to grab a gallon of milk? What's the motivation for them to come and buy a product that's 20% off from you? That same product could easily be found on Amazon! What is the reason to stop and read each of your posts? 

And the answer is, you engage. You provide links to articles that educate. You make your followers "LOL" or share an idea on pinterest that leads to the best meal a family has ever had. Your article on the Top 10 Ways to Deal with your Boss, helped get them through their day. People trust you to entertain and inform them.

From a personal standpoint, you may not give a hoot as to whether you engage with everyone. You may be pleased as punch with telling the whole world about each detail of your day. After all, it's personal. That's fine. Keep on truckin'. To be honest, I only mention personal pages to help defrustrate my own newsfeed reading experience.

But, if you want to use the social media world to bring you customers. If you want to see a direct benefit from the oversaturated worlds of facebook, twitter, blogging, pinterest, etc.. then engage and have fun with your audience. Share a funny picture or video. Hold a caption contest with your followers. Post a useful tip or walkthrough guide showing you are the expert in your field. Highlight one or two of your special customers and show them how much you appreciate their willingness to shop with you. Gain "likes" from people who want to be a part of your world.

Will you see a direct sale from your posts? No, sometimes you won't. But if you give people a reason to click your page and read all the exciting things you bring to the table on a regular basis, then you might just gain a handful of customers who follow (and shop with) you for years down the road. Create a group of true followers that love the fact that they clicked "like" on your timeline and learned about you.

Or, you could just keep posting about your new items or upcoming sale and wait for something to happen.

Client Testimonial

Working with 2JS Interactive was an absolute pleasure. They listen well, truly seek to understand, execute diligently, and produce a most professional final product. Thank you to the 2JS team for a job well done!

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