Our Guide to Building a Website

 "I need a website" is a common thought or statement that comes from a new business owner embarking on his or her new venture. Obviously, we hear it a lot - surprise, surprise, right? However, most people don't have the advantage that we do of knowing how to setup a website.

The main thing to realize is that your website is a key part of your marketing strategy (or should be). When people come across it, they need to be informed about what story you have to tell about yourself. What makes you unique? Why are you different than everyone else?

Also, the majority of websites out there are pretty basic. You are going to be in a LARGE company, unless you have the capability and the budget to do something completely cutting edge. Don't we all wish we could?

But that's okay. You can still make a great statement about yourself in even the most basic of websites. Just pour your passion for your business into the project and let the web surfer know how special you are! Here's a little advice on the best way to approach the process and make it a much less daunting task for you (and your web developer) when the time comes to put yourself on the world wide web:

1) Make a list - go out and find all the elements to the website that you want for yourself. Don't be shy in looking at what others do. Find a shopping cart that looks great on this site, a slideshow that is fantastic on that site and social media integration that works wonderful on that site. Want a mobile site, too? Find one you love and reference that in your list, too.

2) Lay out the website - If you have the ability to lay out your site with a designer (that's wonderful). If not, just make notes about the design that sites examples. Draw out the menu (i.e. Home Page, About Us, Where to Find Us, etc.) - a simple outline is fine with the copy or description under each section. Even if you aren't a great writer - just bullet out the important points and trust an expert to flush out the text for you. You could even do something as simple as a slideshow presentation or something in Microsoft Publisher. Any types of visuals are great in showing your goals to a web designer or developer.

3) Package and Deliver - Once you get everything put together and you are proud of the presentation you have built, then it is time to find a website developer ("pick me! pick me!") that you trust to do the job. Look for someone that knows how to accomplish everything that falls on your list. Ask them questions. Don't feel like you are dumb either. There's very few people that are fluent in tech talk. You are looking to spend money on a valuable marketing tool for your business, so find the right person for the job!

This all might sound like way too much to take on. Who has the time these days, right? But I ASSURE you, if you do the work on the front end to put together something you are proud of - the process can run so much smoother. Once a developer knows all the components to the site you need on the front end, it allows them to price it appropriately and let you know just what you need to accomplish your "perfect site."

Yes, doing these steps will take you time, but it is going to pay off big in the long run.

Client Testimonial

Working with 2JS Interactive was an absolute pleasure. They listen well, truly seek to understand, execute diligently, and produce a most professional final product. Thank you to the 2JS team for a job well done!

- Mike Daniel(Atlas Ministry)                                READ MORE