Overwhelmed by Social Media?

Are you overwhelmed by social media? Which channels should be on? How can you update regularly and engage with your customers? 

There are many factors that determine how you should decide where you should be engaging your current and potential customers. Below is a summary of the primary social networks. If you need help figuiring out which networks you should use or managing those networks, let us know.

Facebook - Primarily a personal site that allows you to connect with friends, co-workers, and even ex-girlfriends (check with your significant other before doing this), Facebook is the largest social network. Facebook is also a powerful tool for your business as you can create a page for your business that allows you to build followers for your brand, keep them updated with regular posts about your company and interact with them to build relationships with your customers.

LinkedIn - The best business networking site, LinkedIn allows you to connect with professionals. LinkedIn allows you to create your own profile (which is basically an online resume), share status updates and connect with other professionals. This site is perfect for networking with others in your industry through discussion groups and one to one interaction.

Twitter - We would describe Twitter as connecting with people you only wish you knew. Celebrities and brands are on Twitter and interact regularly with their followers in 140 character bursts. Twitter is an informal forum that allows you to engage with your customers quickly and easily. It has even been used as a customer service tool for airlines and other industries.

Pinterest - The new kid on the block, Pinterest has seen some rapid growth recently. Pinterest is an online pinboard of ideas for your life. This can be very helpful for your business if you sell products that will show well on a pinboard. Examples include clothing, interior decorating, food and furniture. Is Pinterest right for every business? No, but it can drive some huge traffic to your site if used effectively.

Instagram - Recently purchased by Facebook, Instargram allows you to take photos from your mobile device (iPhone or Android), easily change the appearance of your photo with some awesome filtering tools and load it to your Instagram feed. Instagram is integrated with Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to post your Instagram photo to each of these networks

YouTube - YouTube is the largest video site in the world and houses your videos for free. Videos posted to YouTube can be embedded in your site or anyone else's site, whcih enhances the social value of YouTube. YouTube is the second most searched site in the world, second only to Google, which owns YouTube.

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